Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of forged steel ingots

In our life, we should often see some forged products often. These forged products also have many advantages, but also have some shortcomings. Today we come to a simple understanding of forging steel ingots, forging steel ingots in the welding, Because its structure is reasonable, and its strength and stiffness are quite large, many people choose to use it. However, when the amount of time is large, the axial part of it is prone to cracks, so it has disadvantages. Let's take a look at the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of forged steel ingots.

TheAnalysis of advantages and disadvantages of forged steel ingots

The advantage of forged steel ingots is a detachable connection, which can be divided into container steel ingots according to the connected components, because there is a short neck, which improves the strength of the steel ingot and improves the bearing capacity of the ingot. So it can be used on higher pressure pipelines. Necked steel ingots are suitable for steel pipe connections with a nominal pressure of no more than 2.5 MPa. The flat-welded steel ingots for neck welding are used for the welding of steel ingots and pipes. The structure is reasonable, and the strength and rigidity are relatively large. They can withstand high temperature and high pressure, and repeatedly bend and fluctuate in temperature, and have reliable sealing performance.

The disadvantage of forged steel ingots is that the billets can be well forged when the amount of time is large, and the original pores and micro-cracks in the central part of the billets can be welded together, but the amount of feed is too large is not good, because l / h too When large, the possibility of external transverse cracks and internal diagonal cracks is also generated. When the internal transverse cracks are pulled out of long ingots, if the feed ratio is small, the internal deformation of the blanks is not uniform, the upper and lower parts are deformed large, the central parts are deformed, the deformations are mainly concentrated in the upper and lower parts, and the middle part is forged. Impervious, and the axis of the axial part of the additional tensile stress, in the drawing of long billet and low plastic material, the axis of the original part of the further expansion of the defect, prone to transverse cracks.

Then we will first come here to explain the advantages and disadvantages of forging steel ingots. So in fact, many products are like this, there are advantages, of course there are drawbacks, no product is perfect, but as long as the shortcomings After some problems have been dealt with simply, there are also some benefits to its use. Therefore, our friends and our manufacturers have other related products and processes, so if you need them, friends can come to conduct a preliminary understanding.

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