Brief introduction of stainless steel flange forging

  Because now in our lives, there are a lot of flanged products, but because our country's flange forging industry is not that good, but we slowly learn and use good quality materials for processing. , Our stainless steel flange forging has become more familiar, then we come to a brief look at the simple introduction of the stainless steel flange forging, I hope everyone through our introduction today, we can have a product Preliminary understanding.




   The pressure resistance of the stainless steel flange is the best in temperature and pressure resistance, flexibility and heat resistance, and the product advantage is much better than other plastic pipe. The stainless steel flange is easy to install and has good thermal conductivity. It is suitable for floor heating systems. Flange pipe fittings have excellent impact strength, can be hot melt welded and mechanically connected, and have very good thermal conductivity. The stainless steel flange is made of steel plate. After cutting the steel plate into materials as required, it is stamped and punched into a circle through a die. There are two and then two flattened and welded. After the push, the flange should be shaped in this hot state. Stainless steel flanges are more than two other flaw detection and heat treatment processes in the production process. When using steel plate or section steel manufacturing, must meet the following requirements: steel plate should be ultrasonic flaw detection, no layered defects; ring butt welds should be post-weld heat treatment, and for 100% ray or ultrasonic flaw detection, and ray detection in line with JB4730 The grade II requirements shall be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel, welded into a ring by bending, and the surface of the steel be formed into a ring of cylinders.

   For the above content, we should also have some understanding of the stainless steel flange forging, our stainless steel flange forging products are very good, high temperature resistance, and when used in the installation is very convenient, so a lot of Users are using it in many industrial fields, so if you need it now, please contact us. Our flange forging technology is also very good, so welcome!

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